Solid Displays is a one-stop point-of-purchase displays manufacturer in Xiamen, China.

Acrylic Displays

Our capabilities

Acrylic is an excellent material to use in place of glass for signage, fixturing, and displays because it is safer. It is lightweight-half the weight of glass-and is virtually unaffected by heat or cold. It can be cemented with acrylic cement or formed using a thermo-process. When acrylic is combined with the correct light source, it has the ability to conduct light on the edges and focus the shopper’s attention.




Quality Control

From incoming material inspection to process control, finished product testing and client issue resolution, Solid Displays has established a rigorous quality control system to ensure quality services and products and on-time delivery.

Our incoming material inspection is performed by third party inspection agency to validates the quality of purchased raw materials. This results in a more precise, unbiased analysis of the quality of our products.

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