Solid Displays is a one-stop point-of-purchase displays manufacturer in Xiamen, China.
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Over (160,000) square meters of manufacturing and office space, including metal, wood, and acrylic workshops.

Quality Management

From incoming material inspection to process control, finished product testing and client issue resolution, Solid Displays has established a rigorous quality control system to ensure quality services and products and on-time delivery.

Lean Manufacturing

Solid Displays has adopted the 5S practices, which are based on the Lean Manufacturing culture, with the purpose of making continuous and incremental improvements in product and process, as well as reducing waste. Our manufacturing facility is lean, clean, visual, and streamlined—every machine is identified, every functional area is assigned color—which enables better quality, more agility, greater productivity, less waste, faster cycle-times and improved delivery performance.

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Laser cutting

Powder coating

Injection molding

CNC router

Hot stamping

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