Solid Displays is a one-stop point-of-purchase displays manufacturer in Xiamen, China.

Metal Displays

Our capabilities

We have extensive expertise in metal display fabrication projects since 2008. Our craftsmen have honed their skills and improved their know-how and – with a wealth of experience behind them – they are capable of handling any precise fabrication project.

To ensure ultimate performance and quality, we implement a strict quality control process to monitor and inspect incoming raw materials. From prototype development to final assembly, each stage of the process is carefully monitored by our highly trained technicians. All products are manufactured in our factory – which means we have full control over the metal display manufacturing process and can ensure that the highest standards are met.




Quality Control

Our incoming material inspection is performed by third party inspection agency to validates the quality of purchased raw materials. This results in a more precise, unbiased analysis of the quality of our products.

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