Solid Displays is a one-stop point-of-purchase displays manufacturer in Xiamen, China.

Wood Displays

Our capabilities

As our business grows, we are getting a better understanding of how different wood species relate to POP displays. For instance, wood’s natural timelessness says home, hearth, and security. Humanizing the store through the use of wood displays provides the means for achieving a warm and inviting ambiance. Our material knowledge and engineering experience enable us to provide wood display solutions suited to your specific requirements.




Quality Control

Our incoming material inspection is performed by third party inspection agency to validates the quality of purchased raw materials. This results in a more precise, unbiased analysis of the quality of our products.

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Sustainable procurement

We continuously strengthen our cooperation with suppliers who adhere to social and environmental standards. And we are constantly looking for methods to make our manufacturing process more environmentally friendly; We strive to have all of our wood come from more sustainable sources, including FSC certified.

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